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Choosing the right physiotherapist for you

You’ve been told that you could benefit from physiotherapy, but now what? How do you choose your provider amongst the 15-20 + clinics in your community? The following tips will provide you some guidance when making your choice.

Where to Start?

It can be confusing to know where to begin when looking for a physiotherapist. A great place to start is with your doctor or healthcare professional. If they were the ones who made the suggestion, they usually partner with therapists they have confidence in and may have someone in mind for you. Word of mouth referrals from family, friends or coworkers are sometimes even more powerful. As they have a first-hand experience of a service, they will generally speak truthfully about the care received. Other options include searching online, which gives you the opportunity to see what the clinics can offer on their websites. Convenience may be important to you, so choosing a clinic close to home may be a wise decision.

Other criteria that is important includes the physiotherapists’ qualifications and training, the length of treatment time, and the look and feel of the clinic.


Physiotherapists’ have either a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from a recognized university. This education provides the basic knowledge to perform the duties required. Most therapists continue learning through continuing education courses. This helps to advance their diagnosis and treatment skills to help improve their abilities and provide more efficient treatment. Having a physiotherapist with more education, credentials, and qualifications can be helpful in your recovery. Some therapist will even have specific training such as in jaw pain (TMJ), running injuries, pelvic floor therapy, to name a few. However, all the education in the world can’t make up for a lack of bedside manner or how comfortable you feel around a therapist. You should always feel at ease with your physiotherapist since you will be working with them for a number of weeks.

Knee Manual Therapy

Treatment Time

A big issue with the physiotherapy industry is the length of time with the treating physiotherapist. Remember, you are seeing a physiotherapist and being charged for that health professional’s time. Industry standards in the greater Ottawa area for the cost of a treatment can be anywhere from $60-80, while the initial consultation can run from $80-100. Generally speaking, an initial assessment can last between 45-60 minutes, so if you have a complex issue you’ll want to make sure it is closer to the hour mark. Treatment sessions are a little bit less standardized. In some locations, you’ll be spending anywhere from 30-45 minutes in treatment and sometimes even up to an hour.

The big difference from one clinic to another is who you are spending that time with. An important question to ask a clinic is how long you will be spending with the physiotherapist specifically. It’s also important to ask how many people the physiotherapist see in an hour’s time. The more people your physiotherapist sees in an hour, the less time they spend with you. Most physiotherapy clinics have their therapists see clients for anywhere from 10-15 minutes (4-6 people per hour) or up to 30 minutes (2 people per hour). If you are only seeing your physiotherapist for 10-15 minutes, you shouldn’t expect to be paying top dollar. Vice versa, if your therapist is spending more time with you, you should expect to pay more. Be mindful that if you are only seeing your physiotherapist for 10-15 minutes, you will be seen by other members of the team such as physiotherapists’ assistants or kinesiologists to make up the rest of the treatment. Be mindful at the quality vs the price of the treatment.

Look and Feel of the Clinic

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a physiotherapist is the actual location, or the look and feel of it. There are 2 types of clinics, either open concept or private treatment rooms. An open concept clinic is usually one big room with a number of beds spaced out that are divided only by curtains. A clinic with private treatment rooms, has numerous separate enclosed rooms with doors, similar to a medical clinic. Generally having a clinic that is clean and bright with newer equipment makes us feel more comfortable. The best way to find out if you are going to be comfortable with a clinic is to go and visit it for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of the facility prior to scheduling a visit.

open concept clinic

private treatment room

As you can see, there are various elements to consider when choosing a physiotherapist. You will be investing time and money to get yourself feeling better, so you may as well make it an enjoyable experience.

Do you put much thought and effort when choosing your healthcare professional (massage therapist, chiropractor, etc)?

Jason Bellefleur
Jason Bellefleur is a multi-award-winning physiotherapist. Most recently, he was recognized as a 2016 Ottawa Forty Under 40 recipient and received numerous awards from the Orléans Chamber of Commerce (the 2011 Young Business Person of the Year, the 2012 Healthcare Professional of the Year and the 2014 Business Person of the Year awards). Jason is proud to be an Orléans resident and to raise his family in a bilingual community. He enthusiastically promotes local business within the Orléans area and frequently supports and participates in local events. Jason was recognized for his community involvement by receiving the Orleans 150 Community Builder award in 2017 by Ottawa-Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde. Jason firmly believes in high-quality one-on-one physiotherapy interventions. His treatment approach emphasizes hands-on intervention, continued client education, and active involvement by the individual to help them reach their full potential. By opening a clinic that offers 'Higher Standards of Care,' Jason wants his patients to feel confident that they receive the highest level of patient care available. As a result, he is also preventing injury and helping to improve their health and well-being.

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