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Group physiotherapy

Exercising together: the benefits of group physiotherapy!

We have designed specialty group rehab programs that are specifically tailored to your unique condition and get you feeling better, faster. Group exercise, especially when done in a therapeutic setting, can help make regular movement and exercise a more achievable goal. Our classes are all done in a small group setting, where our physiotherapists and rehab assistants will tailor the class program to include the most beneficial and relevant exercises for the specific group, and provide supervision at all times to ensure each participant is using proper form and technique. 

Group-based physiotherapy will also surround you with people who have the same or similar injuries, which allows you to share your experiences. This helps expand your social support system, which can be very important for your mental health after an injury.

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How Can Choosing To Join Group Physiotherapy With Bellefleur Fitness Help Benefit You In The Coming Weeks?

  • Benefit from supervision: When people perform exercises on their own, it’s very common for them to skip exercises they don’t enjoy performing or are unsure if they are performing it correctly. 
  • Helps with accountability: “I know I should be doing my physiotherapy exercises but…”, with consistent support from peers and group instructor it increases the incentive to exercise and allows you to play a more active role in your rehabilitation.
  • Begin to feel confident again: Discover that you are capable of much more than you ever dreamed possible. With this sense of capability comes greater mental health.
  • Get back to living: We know that you miss doing the things you love because of your pain and discomfort, so participating in a dedicated program will get you back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that your condition has stolen from you.

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